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National survey reveals mixed sentiment toward the 2020-21 Federal Budget

Just under half of Australians (46%) believe that the 2020-21 Federal Budget will lead to economic recovery in Australia according to a new poll released by leading research firm Pollinate and Australian communications and engagement agency Fifty Acres.

However, only 1 in 3 agree that it does enough to support women. Similarly, only 1 in 3 say they feel more supported by the government than before and that is fair for all Australians.

The poll also reveals that women feel far less positively about the budget than men, particularly when it comes to feelings of support and fairness. Only 30% of women agree that the Budget does enough to support women and only 27% have agreed that is fair for all Australians.

Almost all Australians feel that it is important that federal funding to TAFE is increased in order to help recovery from the recession.

The National survey also found that 2 in 5 Australians, particularly women, feel that their sleep has become worse since COVID-19 began in March. 49% of women have said their sleep has worsened, with only 29% of men reporting worsened sleep.

About Fifty Acres-Pollinate Poll

The Fifty Acres-Pollinate Poll is a resource for serious journalism and not-for-profit advocacy in Australia - leading media outlets and NFPs are invited to submit questions and gratis that will form part of the fortnightly polls.

The partnership between Canberra’s leading engagement agency Fifty Acres and strategic research consultancy, Pollinate, is a new entrant in the Australian polling landscape in 2020 and takes a very different approach to ascertain how Australians think and feel about a range of issues.

Methodology Overview

The poll is an online survey conducted amongst 1,000 Australians aged 18+. The poll sample is nationally representative with quotas based on 2016 ABS statistics on key demographics including age, gender & region.

For more information or a copy of the results please contact Fifty Acres Founder and CEO Jo Scard or Pollinate Canberra Managing Director Garrett Tyler-Parker



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