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New entrant shakes up Australian polling landscape

The Fifty Acres-Pollinate Poll is a resource for serious journalism and not-for-profit advocacy in Australia - leading media outlets and NFPs are invited to submit questions that will form part of the regular polls.

Canberra Australia: Leading engagement agency Fifty Acres is partnering with strategic research consultancy Pollinate to produce a regular opinion report on topical questions and issues ranging from the economy, health, education, environment through to immigration.

The partnership is a new entrant in the Australian polling landscape and takes a very different approach to ascertain how Australians think and feel about a range of issues.

The Fifty Acres-Pollinate Poll will also act as a resource for serious journalism in Australia - leading media outlets will be invited to submit questions, gratis, that will form part of the fortnightly polls.

Fifty Acres Founder and CEO Jo Scard said one of the reasons for starting the new poll was to deliver an innovative approach to polling in Australia.

“By leveraging Pollinate’s experience in polling in Australia, this partnership will provide the freshest and most accurate data on the views of everyday Australians,” Ms Scard said.

The poll is an online survey conducted amongst 1,000 Australians aged 18+. The poll sample is nationally representative with quotas based on 2016 ABS statistics on key demographics including age, gender and region.

The next poll focuses on the federal budget and results will be released next week.

Fifty Acres is making this resource available pro-bono for not-for-profits for the next two months.

MEDIA: For more information please contact Fifty Acres Founder and CEO Jo Scard on 0457 725 953 or, or Pollinate Canberra Managing Director Garrett Tyler-Parker



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