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Strategic thinking for transformational change

We’re a strategic research consultancy that doesn’t just ask what is but explores what could be.​ The world we operate in is a state of constant and complex change. What worked yesterday needs to be re-thought today.


and co-creative

Our collaborative and co-creative approach puts power in the hands of your consumers to create the future. What’s more, we do the heavy lifting, so that you can be as involved as you’d like to be. We’ll challenge and probe, test and build – always with the same goal in mind: transformative change that will grow your business.

Australian owned.

Globally minded.

We’re independently owned, which means we’re driving our own ship. And for the last 15 years, we’ve been building our business how businesses should be built – helping our clients, our employees and our community do better. We’re nimble, we’re strong, and we’re growing. We’re Australian owned, with a global mindset.

We are genuine strategists

There are strategists, and then there are strategic thinkers. We like to think we know the difference. We have the best strategists in the business, and we put time, energy and training into making sure they stay the best.

When you want transformative change, you need a business who is going to challenge your thinking. Who’ll take a reverse brief. Do the pre-thinking. Co-create with your customers. And share the insights in a way that’s meaningful and actionable. Always with a clear goal, process and a plan.

Good ethics means

good business

We’re here to do the most good we can on this planet. And this simple thought guides us in everything we do. We’re running our business sustainably. We choose to work with responsible brands (and importantly, say no to brands that aren’t). Our employees receive time off and financial contributions towards doing something for the community outside of work. 1% of our gross revenue goes to charity every year, irrespective of our profit.

We’re system thinkers

We look at the world through a systems lens. Why? Because the world is complex, everything is interrelated, and everything sits within a context. Sound complicated? That’s because it is, and we’re not going to pretend it’s any different.

But it’s when we find the conflict in the complexity that things get interesting, and when creative thinking and transformative change can happen. That’s where we help your business create the magic that makes the difference.

Certified for peace of mind

Pollinate is ISO 20252 certified, the international quality operating standard for market, social and opinion research.  It’s a certified framework for the management of data security and client and participant confidentiality, as well as ensuring our project processes are ship-shape.

We’re also a member of AMSRS, adhering to the Society’s Code of Professional Behaviour, ensuring our ethics of conducting and reporting market and social research are of the highest standards.

We love t-shaped people

We invest in T-shaped people – those wonderful beings who not only possess expertise in an area that gives value to our client (like being a statistically brilliant researcher) – but who top those skills off with empathy and enthusiasm for other disciplines, giving them both depth and breadth in the workplace.

We keep bees

We believe in sustainability and build sustainable business practices into everything we do. Keeping bees on our roof is just part of that. Bees are one of the most complex species, yet are fundamental to our existence. We like to do our little part to help keep bees thriving. And the honey tastes delicious, too.


Management team




Shannon Kenna
Managing Director Pollinate & TIG


Head of Society


Head of Quantitative Research


Morgan Owen
Managing Director


Jacky Heath
Research Director

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