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Research is just one part of how we’ll help grow your business. From brand strategy to ideation and innovation, stakeholder engagement and customer experience, we can help make the transformational change you need to grow your business. All underpinned by highly strategic thinking and a hands-on team.

Brand and strategy

When you’re steering your brand, you know the best laid plans are those where the customer sits at the heart. Our collaborative and co-creative approach ensures your strategy comes from the most influential people in your business – your customers.

Ideation and innovation

Need ideas? And not just any ideas – the ideas that make change, that unshackle, reshape and redefine – and bring profit. We’ll co-create to ideate and bring you actionable plans.

Communication Development & Optimisation

When it comes to communication, it’s all in the nuances. Whether you think your comms need a little tweak or a big re-think; we’ll co-create, explore, develop and track with your customers to ensure it hits the mark.

Thought leadership and trends

We can help position you as a thought leader. Why? We’re seeing transformative change in action every day, working with some of Australia’s biggest brands and finest minds. What’s more, we create the Pulse Report, a bi-annual quantitative study that measures environmental, social and economic issues and concerns. Want to know what’s happening, and how you can be at the heart of it?

Stakeholder engagement and board facilitation

Real change happens at the top. We regularly play a role in board-level strategic discussions. Whether it’s to facilitate, present to or participate in big-picture discussion, we bring a unique perspective and independent thinking to the C-Suite. 

Organisational change  

Transformative change starts from within. We can help change the dynamics of your business, from staff engagement, to capacity building. With our help, your business can live and breathe customer-led research outcomes.

Segmentation, Brand Health
& Opportunity Identification

There’s no one message for all of your audience; that’s where segmentation comes in. We’ll find out who your audience is and help you connect with them better. And when it comes to brand health, we use a specialised model to make sense of your brand and where it sits in the world, measuring Awareness, Attitude, Action and Advocacy.

We identify opportunities for you to grow and transform your business.

The quant you need
(without the data you don’t)

Asking many questions is easy; asking thoughtful questions is hard. We approach quantitative research with the belief that less is more. That means fewer, well thought-out questions. Getting the evidence you need without distracting factors. Decisions, not unfathomable data.

Observation brings new understanding.

Walking in their shoes takes on new meaning when you are sitting at dinner with three generations of Australians or observing people’s road safety behaviour from the passenger seat of a car, or taking a walk along the cultural ribbon with Sydney siders.  

With every business vying to put the customer at the heart, you need to be approaching things a little differently. Our co-creation methodology brings new understanding - where you aren’t just walking in their shoes, you’re seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing and feeling everything that your customer is. And what’s more, our unique relationship with Social Soup gives a voice to your customers like no other.

Australian Philanthropy Benchmark (APB)

Measure the performance of your foundation using this industry benchmark. Pollinate have designed a streamlined approach to evaluating philanthropy organisations. The APB delivers clear and actionable outputs and is easy to use for philanthropic organisations and their fundees and partners.

Pollinate Studio

Pollinate Studio is our exceptional in-house service that brings your research insights to life. We create captivating images, impactful video, dynamic animations, eye-catching infographics, insightful vox pops, engaging social media assets and more! Seamlessly blending research and design, our creative experts transform complex findings into engaging visual narratives that leave a lasting impression. Enhance the impact of your research by making it accessible, memorable and sharable!

You are in good company

We have just had our first experience working with Pollinate and participating in Pollination sessions.

I would have to say it has been nothing but positive.  It has been an extremely effective approach to uncover the consumer meaning of our category, the semiotics at work and most importantly understanding the reality of how our category, brands and products need to fit into our consumers’ lives and to truly meet their needs.   

The extensive thinking and preparation work that the Pollinate team and Howard have done along the way has been outstanding.  The team is a pleasure to work with and right from the outset we have felt the Pollinate team truly got their heads into our category, understood it and really wanted to work with us to solve our problem.

Angela Turvey, Consumer Insights Manager, CUB Foster’s

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