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Privacy, Quality and Data Management

At Pollinate, quality is an integral part of our company’s culture. We realise it is the essence of a company’s success and it is the foundation of our business. We expect absolute commitment from all our team to deliver work of the highest possible quality at all levels of business, and we strive as a company to nurture this attitude and provide systems, training and mentoring to achieve this goal.

Pollinate is a member of The Research Society and is bound by the Code of Professional Behaviour and Code of Ethics, which covers both the ethical requirements and standard conditions of conducting and reporting market and social research. This code includes guidelines for how Pollinate conducts our research including observing and recording research, management of incentives to participants, procedures for working with children, management of recruitment/sample, project reporting and complaint management. Pollinate also work within and abide by State & Federal legislation covering privacy laws and confidentiality protecting the rights of participants involved in the research.

Pollinate manages all data:

  • Risk assessment as part of project scoping (agreed with client) to determine personnel access to project information and any requirement for security clearances

  • All material is securely stored for the duration of the relevant contract. Electronic data is stored on a secure cloud server

  • As required electronic files are password-protected (only members of the research team nominated in the contract have access)

  • When the project finishes electronic confidential material is deleted from the system (e.g., contact information of participants) and as required relevant data sets are securely transferred back to the client or deleted


Pollinate regularly work with sensitive government and commercial information and ensure that all information is securely stored for the duration of the relevant contract. Our processes have met the high standards of the University of Sydney, the Commonwealth Department of Treasury, The Department of Health, and the CSIRO as well as the commercial sensitivities of ING and ANZ.

Pollinate has robust processes in place (username and password access including multi factor authentication, virus protection, and off-site back-up) to securely store research material, and are fully compliant with The Research Society Researchers Code of Professional Behaviour, the Australian Government Protective Security Policy Framework, the relevant state and federal privacy principles, the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research, Privacy Act 1988, Australian Privacy Principles (AAPs), and the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research.

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