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Our Approach

We find new ways to solve problems.


Driven by

The most successful brands co-create with their customers. That means hand-picking the most influential of your customers and empowering them to create the future with carefully refined stimulus. The outcomes are sharper. More useful. And more likely to create real, transformational change.

Strategic Problem Solvers

We like to solve complex challenges. And we have clever, enterprising and passionate people ready to help you with your business problems. Independent, strategic thinkers, combined with dedicated logistics and fieldwork experts, are here to help you navigate your multifarious business landscape.

Simple, Practical solutions

It’s a complex world we live in, and we’re not going to pretend it’s any different. But what you need are clear recommendations and simple, actionable solutions. That’s where we can help. We help you become purposeful creators.

Evidence based

There are times when you need to simply pursue the idea, but more often than not you need to have the evidence that what you are going to do is the right thing for your organisation, your customer, and your community. When it comes to decision-making, we make sure you have the evidence to feel confident.

Making it easy 

Gosh, isn’t it nice when one agency does everything for you? We deliver you an end-to-end solution. That means a capable operations team, hands-on senior consultants, brilliant copywriters and clever designers, all working hard to deliver everything in one tidy package for you. So you can get on with driving your business.  

Beyond research

When it comes to solving challenges, it’s not always just about the research. Sometimes you have a big, hairy problem and aren’t sure what you need. That’s where we’ll do a reverse brief and help define the problem. Plus, we’re experienced in layering in other services like communications planning and design execution to help you achieve your outcome.

Story telling

Your research is often only as good as the stories you can tell about it – to your internal stakeholders as well as your customers. We’ll help you share your story in compelling, well-crafted video, to help turn your audience into advocates.

We’ll make it famous

Those enormous, clever, unstoppable campaigns that grip the nation? Yeah, we create those big ideas. Those little gems come from our research. And we take ideas to conferences/vivid etc…

You are in good company

The Pollinate team presented the best, most insightful research I have ever seen. They nailed the brief and then exceeded it, as all great agencies should. Furthermore, they gave us material that we can immediately use and some ideas that challenge and inspire us. What more could you ask for?

Sean Hallahan, Managing Director, TATA Global Beverages Australia, New Zealand & Indonesia

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