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Privacy Policy

Pollinate’s data management & quality control certifications

Pollinate is a member of The Research Society, Australia’s industry association for market and social research agencies and are ISO 20252 certified, the international quality operating standard for marketing, social and opinion research agencies.  For more information on this certification, please click here.


Pollinate abide by the industry “Code of Professional Behaviour”, and in addition to strict the requirements outlined in ISO 20252 regarding privacy, confidentiality and data management, Pollinate also manage participant information within the guidelines of the State & Federal legislation including the Privacy Act 1988.

How Pollinate manages participant information within market research projects

In accordance with ISO 20252, the Privacy Act 1988 and the Code of Professional Behaviour, all participant information provided in the course of this project will be de-identified so that the identity of the participant is protected. This includes contact information e.g. name and email address. All data presented and analysed is conducted on an anonymous basis.

For any questions regarding the above please contact Pollinate’s General Manager Nathan Saville

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